One of the most amazing photo shoots I've ever had. Meeting some great artists, people and their significant others, as well as their on stage personality. You learn a lot quickly in just the first few minutes of the event. A few tips I learned along the way. 
  # 1. Never not have time to pull your camera out and take a picture with a smile. You never know who that person on the other side of the camera might be. They can make your career by helping you build a strong network and following. People who are treated well, usually are the best form of advertisement. Which brings me to the next tip. 
# 2. Never come to an event with out enough storage for photos. If you're counting down your pictures you have left you already messed up. Having enough memory in your camera means never having to worry when you're stopped to take the photo you didn't expect. The freedom to snap photos without concern is very helpful. Be mindful, but it shouldn't bottle neck your creativity, and communication with those around you. Be welcoming, and watch how much easier it becomes to document your event and create the pictures you can be proud of.
# 3. Have a style. I have a documentary style of shooting photos. I love it for soo many reasons. It gives you that eye for catching the purest of moments. Capturing that moment when least expected, shows the real emotions coursing through. Usually when not posed or not expected has been my best photos. Now I can do portraits as well, its just I like my style because I like the outcome. However it doesn't mean you can't be good at more then one style. Have a good starting point something that sets you apart from the crowd. And as always be sure to have fun.
# 4. Bring some physical business cards. Instagram swapping just isn't enough. Your business  cards shows you'r serious. Spend some time developing a presentable card. Clients and possible clients will pay more attention to it than you know. Plus it takes up more time getting your phone out and swapping information, then it does to just hand a well crafted card over. Trust me, it feels good to do so.
# 5. Bring everything you know you need, but be prepared for a change. I bring with me enough for the just in case moments. Lighting sufficient for the event, storage, memory cards or mobile hard drive. Extra batteries in case I wind up staying longer. It is good to have a start and end time set with your client, but still always be prepared for the little extra.   

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